Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Last night W4D brought home some Ciroc. His buddy Fred, told him we'd love it. Fred is always right.

Ciroc French Vodka
Red and green fruit on the kitchen island
shining through the bottle

Ciroc Vodka is distilled from snap frost grapes rather than grains or potatoes and it is delicate, smooth and ever so lightly vinnish. One sip of it and I knew it should be served icy cold without anything at all to diminish the crisp, ever so faint, grape essence. This is a vodka you should keep in the freezer. Since I couldn't wait that long for it to get cold, I shook a few jiggers over ice in the toonie shaker and served it straight up with cold seedless white grapes from the crisper.

Ciroc Icy and Up with...
Garnish with iced or frozen seedless grapes

Wine drinkers must try this lovely vodka. Ice cold and straight first, please. Never olives, nothing salty. Look at the pretty bottle. It has beautiful grape colored glass at the bottom.

Bottom of the Bottle
Grape Glass

Tonight, I am going to mix it with a little Wild Berry Fusion vodka from Finland. I'll let you know how that goes. Wish I had some Blueberry Stoli but there's always next week. Besides, I am still on an Absolute Pear kick.

So many vodkas, only seven cocktail hours per week.


jackie said...

ha! as i was reading this, all i was thinking about was how good it would be with some blueberry vodka. great minds...

i might have to try this.

vodka is about the only thing i keep in the freezer. that and maybe some edamame. :)

Flaurella said...

Blueberry Stoli is on my list for the weekend. Have yet to try it. Do sample the Ciroc, syrupy cold, straight up. Drop in a few frozen grapes, too.