Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hasta La Monday

I should be packing my leopard Capri's and my sexy nightie but I am sitting here drinking wine while W4D is at the Council Meeting. Gotta go pack soon but while the cat's away, the mice must play. I've already had a couple of extra dry toonies and DH has requested a cold shaker full upon his return at 11:00P.

We'll be leaving early ayem. I'll have to jool shop all the way to Pensacola to write off this trip. Oh, woe is me! I must shop for a living. It's a tough gig but someone has to do it. I will fill my afternoons, eating fresh, juicy Apalachicola Oysters and big ole pink Gulf shrimp this weekend. I am going to watch the sunset on the sugar-sand beach and drink lots of martini's and a few Mojitoes if it is warm enough.

Okay, I have already packed a picnic basket full of pistachios, caviar, smoked mussels, tasty crisps, crackers and other yummy nibbles. I've packed the toonie kit and the wine kit - oh so chic! I've packed the backgammon board but now I must go pack some clothes so cya later, Alligators.

Emerald Coast, here I come. I must remember to shave my legs.



Sanne said...

How I envy you!!!
Have a great and sparkling trip, and bring back lots of jools to tempt me!


jackie said...

oh the jealousy! i'll be home cleaning an pining away for the briny smell of the shore. *sigh*