Monday, November 20, 2006

Better Late Than Never

Yep, I am a little slow getting up the beach pictures from last weekend. That's because I am freezing my arse off here. It's downright frigid in North Florida and looks like it will stay this way through Thanksgiving. It's windy and it's snowing in Bama and Georgia. I am hoping we make it into the 50's tomorrow. Lows in the 30's for over a week is rare this time of year. Could this be a result of global warming? Regardless, this puts me in the mood for the holiday season. It makes me want to buy everyone socks and sweaters.

Okay, go warm yourselves up by looking at my set of beach pictures from Destin last weekend. Native Floridians love the beach in the fall and winter. No tourista. Few kids. Just adults guzzling martinis, slurping oysters off the half shell and dipping shrimp.

Three on Destin Beach

View the whole set here.

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Sanne said...

What a beautiful way to start my morning - watching your glorious beach pics! Sorry for haven't written any mails for long, been damn busy, and is preparing for birthday weekend this week. Also have to wrap 25 small Advent calendar gifts for my parents tonight. Cosy, but time consuming.