Thursday, October 05, 2006

Quick, Easy Naked Food

This is Flaurella's solution for little dribs and drabs of leftovers. If you are like me, you end up every few days with a little of this and a little of that. Here's the solution for that little bowl of marinated artichoke hearts, half a fresh tomato and some leftover grilled mushrooms from the steaks the night before.

Thinly slice a crusty baguette (French bread) or a spolette (Italian) or even some Cuban bread, although, I prefer the baguette. Sprinkle a little good olive oil in a hot skillet and add a pat of sweet cream butter. Once the foam subsides, toss in the bread rounds and then flip, coating both sides. Turn down the heat and let them toast in the pan, turning again when the golden.

Assemble all the bits and pieces of leftovers from your fridge. Some things to consider are chopped tomato, minced onions, artichokes, sautéed peppers and onions, crab meat, shrimp, feta cheese, mozzarella, smoky provolone, mushrooms, olives, pimento, capers - just about any interesting leftover that you want to put on your little toasted bread rounds. Consider what tastes good together and put that combination on your little toasts which you have now perfectly browned on both sides. Top with the cheese of your choice and if the toast is hot enough, you don't even need to pop them under the broiler. Right before serving. add some fresh herbs if you have them handy. I love shredded fresh basil on tomato bruschetta and lemon oregano on just about anything.

Plated and ready to serve

Please don't mispronounce the name. Say it like this:

Don't say "broosh-SHET-ah." That is incorrect. When you have the world's best way to use up those little bowls and plastic keepers of bits and tads of leftovers and produce, you should pronounce what you made correctly.

Bruschetta Closer
Closer View. Click photo for notes.

Quick and easy, versatile Bruschetta is one of our favorite appetizers. Don't be afraid to experiment. I often buy extra baguettes and cut them into shorter pieces and put them in large ziplocks in the freezer so that I always have a little bread ready to slice, fry and top with leftover goodies, Italian style.

And before you ask: yes, I cook this stuff in my kitchen and yes, I take a quick picture before we chow down. No, I probably won't ever share pictures of me cooking these topless. Mangia!


Sanne said...

I simply LOVE Bruce-SKETT-ahh! And I knew the pronunciation, I have an Italian friend. :) They are perfect on the Weber, we could eat them and a simple tomato salad all Summer.

Have a nice weekend, my best penpal. I will drive all the way to the Isle of Moen (alone) to celebrate my sisters birthday. I do hope she cooks soup, sister soup, she makes the best soup in the world! Son is going to a JuJutsu fighting cup and DH is going with him to cheer.

lots of e-hugs

Kim said...

I cooked naked once.

I burned the shit out of certain bits... and they weren't in the pan.