Monday, October 16, 2006

All Dried Up

Apologies for being un-blogged for so long. Real life, work and the wee beastie boy have kept me from posting. And worse, my brain is on over-load so I can't even remember what happened yesterday to write about it.

I have been getting more spam than usual. Those crafty spammers are always coming up with ways to sneak around my filters. My fave spam emails last Friday were from:

Indiscriminate Q. Urethra
Pate H. Fabricating
Crookes R. Ourselves

(I remember only because I wrote them down.)You gotta love a crook that's so up front about it. I won't open their emails but I do giggle over the sender's pen names.

Tucker puppy just brought me a little gift. I think he found it under the love seat in the family room.

Dessicated Frog
FROGGIE went belly up, then dried up.
Notice his little hands.
He was wringing them when he croaked.

Tucker was three months old yesterday.
Latest puppy pix can be viewed here.
Back to the grind.


jaybird said...

I believe this just might be the best entry ever in your blog. Many, many times I smile, sometimes I snicker, but today, I laughed out loud. Froggie wringing his hands, must be one of the great wonders of the world.

Perhaps he was praying to live on? .....

foofoolamarr said...

Poor Froggie! Oh, well, sometimes I get gifts (usually chameleons that somehow work their way into the house), and when Fray D. Puss sees them, she gets on the job and delivers them to me--usually headless, no legs, no tail. I guess those must be the "choice" parts for a kitty. Yech. I just wish she'd leave me entirely out of her groove and eat the whole thing herself. Fang is also good at chameleons, moles, voles, shrews, squirrels, you name it. A happy killer if ever there was one. At least he doesn't, uh, dismember them. He leaves them intact between his front paws for awhile, then rises and gives them the obligatory golden shower. Then it's time for me to get the trowel and put the victim dans le garbage. Ah, life with pets....

jackie said...

awww--poor froglet. you are lucky you got him in one piece! the puplet continues to delight as well. :)

Kim said...

Oh honey, I have found many things under my furniture, but I can honestly say I've never found that.

Zackery said...

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