Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Aging Pervert

It's early evening, about 7:45. We still haven't eaten because we have a new puppy and dinner is running late. It's almost dark but not quite.

W4D is standing near the Hoosier cabinet, like a statue, staring at the wall or maybe the window or at some canned tomatoes in the Hoosier. Hard to tell.

I watched him for about 30 seconds and he didn't move. He was trance-like and it worried me.

"What's wrong? Why are you standing there, like that?"

After about a 10 second pause, he finally answered me.
"I was just thinking."

"Thinking? THINKING? You were just thinking? Good Lord, I thought you might be having a stroke or something."

"I'll show you the kind of stroke I was thinking about."


W4D and the Maiden
Some pervert. obviously enjoying himself with
a naked lady who has duct tape around her waist