Saturday, April 11, 2009


Good grief, there is movement here!
Something twitched. Keys clattered.

It's been almost two years. Does anyone still read my drivel?

It took me over an hour to get back into my blog. Yes, it has been so long that I forgot passwords, email addy changes and even how to sign in.

I was browsing through some old Flaurella entries and found that I am making the exact same dinner today as I was four years ago on this very date.

You can find out what it is and get the instructions here.

I'll be back again soon but not every single day.
Catch me if you can.


Aileen said...

Wow is it true are you really back ::faints::: Welcome back :-)

DH said...

It's OK with DH to cook from past recipies, I can't remember what I had for breakfast ,LOL

Sanne said...

I've missed you SO much, Flaurella! :) Warm welcome back! :)

jk said...