Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I have proclaimed this week, "National Flaurella's Not Cooking Week." It's too hot to cook and I am sick of cooking and I'm not gonna take it anymore. Hayell, I may proclaim the whole month of August as "National Flaurella's Not Cooking Month."

So, I email W4D ( for the benefit of you new readers, that's an acronym for What's 4 Dinner, the nickname of my DH since that is always the foremost question on his mind) and in a complete role reversal, I ask:

"What's for dinner?"

Back comes his email reply.

"Dinner tonight will be culinary combination of flower (sic) and yeast, covered in a vegetable garden of delectable delights, surrounded by cardboard and brought to you in a recreational all terrain vehicle."

I think that means he's planning on picking up Domino's Pizza in the RAV on his way home from work.



foofoolamarr said...

Hey, next time, try Satchel's. Best pizza in the Counties of Alachua, Bradford, Marion, Gilchrist, Union, heck, you'd have to go all the way over to Flagler Beach to eat at La Bella and Rocky's pizza isn't as good as Satchel's but his place does have a nicer view! Plus it's worth a visit to Lightnin' Salvage. Lots of weird stuff to browse--lava lamps, wind-up toys, dinosaur and Disney band-aids, you name it.


They even have white pizza. Yummy. Best crust I've ever eaten and that includes Mama Leone's in NYC.

Flaurella said...

I make the world's best white pizza (as proclaimed by everyone who has tasted it) but I look forward to trying Satchel's wunna these days. That hippy dippy place is always packed and if I add the phone number to W4D's cell phone, he'd probably order there often since it is only a half mile from his work place.

BTW, when I make the time during the cooler months to make ny home-made Eye-Tie pizza there isn't any crust better. My Italian MIL taught me well and I am not even bragging, just stating the facts, M'am.

foofoolamarr said...

I'm not doubting your culinary excellence. OK, so what's the secret to a good crust? Pizza Slut and others in GNV have this really horrible doughy crust, and I wonder what makes the difference.

I also wonder how Kait is finding Japanese pizza. I'm sure they have it there; I'm just curious as to the quality.