Friday, July 13, 2007

Always Breezy

Dania Beach, where I spent most afternoons as a young'un.

Dania Beach, Florida
Photo taken on a recent trip to South Florida


jackie said...

wow. i'd like to spend some afternoons as an adult there.

jk said...

oh so beautiful...I'm there!!!

Flaurella said...

Jackie, it's an old Florida beach. Not touristy, good beer bar right on the beach. Palm trees, sea oats, sea grapes and wildflowers as well as a fishing pier that's been rebuilt many times over the years. It's not fancy and you couldn't ask for a better beach. But yes, I am partial to this place.

Flaurella said...

Speaking of beaches, I think we have 2 or 3 days in Daytona Beach next week or the week after. You and I have to do lunch (or cocktails, if you want to chat up the salty old W4D, too).

I'll email when I know the dates.

jk said...

Tater says....just let me know about your Daytona trip - I'm going to WPB on the 27th thru the 20th - 35th high school reunion

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