Monday, July 06, 2009

Independence Day, Small Town Style

Hope you all had a glorious and a relaxing July 4th, as did we! It was our daughter's birthday (Happy Birthday, Kaitlin!) so we always have a little gathering and enjoy the local park activities as sponsored by our McIntosh Lion's Club.

There is nothing sweeter than the little kids and their decorated bike parade.

My other faves are the Hula Hoop Contests, the Egg Tosses and the Wheel Barrow races.

After we and a group of friends returned from the park across the street, ate and drank to excess while chilling in our pool all afternoon, we took a little nap in the late afternoon and then watched Macy's excellent fireworks show from NYC, plus the D.C. Capitol stunning display, as well as the unique, rockin' Boston fireworks program on the tube.

All the displays and concerts were wonderful but nothing can compare to a small town, (population 456 peeps), Independence Day Celebration in the park across the street from your own house. No traffic!

Here are a few more personal photos in a slideshow format.

Happy Independence Day.
God Bless America!


jk said...

great pictures of my favorite small town - why can't I live there??????

Flaurella said...

Tater Marie, you can surely live here. Retire or transfer and move on over. You will love it.