Friday, May 15, 2009

Pass the Panty Liners

My friend Kathleen and I were chatting this morning about some delish mussels she ate as an appetizer that were "so gosh darn good I nearly needed a panty liner." What a delicate way to put it. I have been known to remark to W4D when something tastes so orgasmically fine that it has creamed my jeans, but I think Katzi's expression is better for mixed company. Anyway, now I am hungry for mussels.

While I run off to Publix to get some mussels, here are at least three of my mussels recipes with pictures. All are delish and easy. Click here for Flaurella's recipes and pix.

BTW, my friend Walt who hails from Long Island pronounces Publix as "pube licks." Walter, you are one funny dude. Happy Birthday, there about!

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