Thursday, November 30, 2006

Visiting the University of Arkansas

We've been researching our opponents web site in anticipation of the SEC Championship game this weekend. Here's what we've learned:

This is the Administration Building at the University of Arkansas.

Cadillac Shack

And here is the Lab that is shared by the Chemistry department, the Engineering department, Home Economics and the FFA.

Legends Shack

We didn't realize the Arkansas Athletics had such a
large swimming pool and an exemplary aquatics program. Here's a great shot of some upperclassmen on their way to class and the Playmate Twins, the Hogge sisters, are all ready to head off to the big game as freshman line up for student tickets on game day. This Campus Stud is looking for a date to the SEC Championship, while out on the field, the Razorback team runs laps at football practice and Coach Nutt shows his team a good offensive route.

We know how it's going to end.
Noted Alumni Booster loses his head in shock over the outcome of the SEC Championship.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006


View of dried up lake bed.

Another below, near my house.

Drought Conditions?

W4D wanted to make cornbread for supper last night.

I suggested he open some fresh baking powder.

Nah. This will do just fine.

That baking powder is old, you should use some new.

Don't need any new baking powder.

Aren't you going to add any eggs?

Nope. Don't need eggs.

Hey, it's your recipe. Make it the way you want.

DH's Cornbread - Pitiful
Dry Pond Cornbread
Flat as a flitter.
Dry as a bone.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tanning the Turkey

Today is our unofficial anniversary. Next week is the legal one. We always celebrate both. Mr. Man, you still rock!

Guess what we had last night? frozen precipitation, AKA little snow flurries and sleet. Of course, it melted as soon as it touched your skin or anything else but for about an hour, it felt like when you are defrosting an old freezer and all that cold frosty stuff splatters on you as you scrape. Brrr!

There will be no tan lines on our turkey this year.
(Wish I could remember where I got this turkey babe.)

It's a good day to be inside cooking and baking. Keeps the house warm, too. I wish you and yours a warm and cozy Thanksgiving. Don't forget to say a little prayer for all who serve our country around the world. May they be safe and home soon.

From my kitchen this afternoon

Time to cook the cranberries.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Better Late Than Never

Yep, I am a little slow getting up the beach pictures from last weekend. That's because I am freezing my arse off here. It's downright frigid in North Florida and looks like it will stay this way through Thanksgiving. It's windy and it's snowing in Bama and Georgia. I am hoping we make it into the 50's tomorrow. Lows in the 30's for over a week is rare this time of year. Could this be a result of global warming? Regardless, this puts me in the mood for the holiday season. It makes me want to buy everyone socks and sweaters.

Okay, go warm yourselves up by looking at my set of beach pictures from Destin last weekend. Native Floridians love the beach in the fall and winter. No tourista. Few kids. Just adults guzzling martinis, slurping oysters off the half shell and dipping shrimp.

Three on Destin Beach

View the whole set here.

Friday, November 17, 2006


I dashed out to buy our Beaujolais Nouveau yesterday but got too tipsy on martini's during the cocktail hour to drink wine so tonight's Nouveau night at our house. I'm planning a thick Porterhouse steak (W4D eats the strip and I, the filet), baked potatoes, steamed broccoli, a crisp romaine salad with a raspberry pecan dressing, crusty Cuban bread with sweet cream butter and fresh garlic. And, lots of chilled 2006 Beaujolais Nouveau. Yum! Who cares if it's a few thousand calories? It is time to celebrate the harvest of not only food, but wine.

2006, A very good year!

Beaujolais Nouveau is made from the first pressing of gamay grapes in France's Beaujolais region. It is not aged and best served nicely chilled. It is fruity and fresh, the Carson Kressley of wines. You just gotta love it! And the best part is, you must drink it before Christmas so it makes the perfect Thanksgiving wine.... if it lasts that long.

Beaujolais Nouveau 2006

I promise to get some beach pix up soon!
Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hasta La Monday

I should be packing my leopard Capri's and my sexy nightie but I am sitting here drinking wine while W4D is at the Council Meeting. Gotta go pack soon but while the cat's away, the mice must play. I've already had a couple of extra dry toonies and DH has requested a cold shaker full upon his return at 11:00P.

We'll be leaving early ayem. I'll have to jool shop all the way to Pensacola to write off this trip. Oh, woe is me! I must shop for a living. It's a tough gig but someone has to do it. I will fill my afternoons, eating fresh, juicy Apalachicola Oysters and big ole pink Gulf shrimp this weekend. I am going to watch the sunset on the sugar-sand beach and drink lots of martini's and a few Mojitoes if it is warm enough.

Okay, I have already packed a picnic basket full of pistachios, caviar, smoked mussels, tasty crisps, crackers and other yummy nibbles. I've packed the toonie kit and the wine kit - oh so chic! I've packed the backgammon board but now I must go pack some clothes so cya later, Alligators.

Emerald Coast, here I come. I must remember to shave my legs.


Monday, November 06, 2006

My Fellow Americans...

Today/Tomorrow/whenever you read this...

Tuesday is a very important day. Aside from my having a dental appointment and getting to take a legal shitload of Xanax and other meds, your resident dental phobic reminds each of you to please remember that it is not only your right and your privilege, but your duty to vote tomorrow, November 7th. Please stand up and be counted.

Just think! If 75 to 95% of our citizens made their opinions known by voting, by committing their political opinions to paper/chad/pixel, there would be much less whining about the state of politics all year long. You'd simply have to blame yourself instead of the other dude who voted when you didn't even bother.

Can you imagine what a 75 - 85 - 95% turnout would do to the political leaning of our country?

Get out there. Vote your heart.
Make a difference.

If you don't vote, the only person you can blame is yourself. For four fricken, miserable years.

Furthermore, I don't give a flip about how you vote. Just do it.
I'm sick of hearing about it.

FYI, The Flaurella, in her long, heavily opinionated lifetime of has only missed voting twice, in two little un-earth-shattering local ballots. I make it a point to vote every single election unless I am unexpectedly out of my current precinct/state/country and that has only happened twice. But, since I will be under the influence of narcotics tomorrow, legally drugged, not at all in control of my faculties, I have recorded my ballots for the candidates and all the gnarly, sneaky, gibberish constitutional State Amendments on a faux ballot, a genuine cheat sheet. If I get time, I will write the answers on my palms but if not, I will carry and leave my cheat sheet in the booth so that perhaps I can persuade the next poor sucker who is not in control of his faculties to vote my way as well. Yeah, that's the ticket.

PS. My fave Town Councilman, after one year's service, may now be legally impeached.

I plan to start the ball rolling ASAP.